Published on 01/21/2019 12:06 pm
Few Considerations While Purchasing A Water Dispenser

Water is an essential part of our lives. Our body itself is 70% water! And it is usually recommended by doctors, and health consultants that eight glasses of water every day in order to stay healthy. And water dispensers or water coolers are the best way that encourages regular water drinking that dispenses water at different temperature levels. There are few considerations that you must make to find the right kind of dispenser. These are as follows:

Type of Water Dispenser

There are two different types of water dispenser i.e. bottled water and the bottle free water dispensers. The bottle free dispensers provide unlimited water supply as these are connected with the main water lines. And the bottled dispensers can be quite inconvenient to use as you will have to replace the bottles or tanks time to time and such dispensers also increase the risk of water-borne diseases as the source of water is unfamiliar. Among both the dispensers the bottle free ones are more preferable as these purify water. Bottle free water dispenser like Aquavita bottle free office water dispensers can be connected to your existing water supply seamlessly making it easier for you to get pure drinking water at ease.

Dispenser Capacity

The capacity of the dispenser is another important consideration. The amount of water you need on daily basis directly depends upon the number of people who will be consuming water. For large organizations, a high purification and storage capacity water dispenser that provides unlimited water supply is needed. Similarly, when the number of consumers are less you can go for a water dispenser with lesser storage capacity.

Temperature of the Water

Before you purchase your water dispenser, you need to check what temperature requirements you prefer! Whether you need hot water for preparing coffee or you require room temperature water or need icy cool water, you must choose your dispenser accordingly. Do check the dispenser model depending upon your temperature preferences. Also do not forget to check that the dispenser you chose has the option of changing the temperature modes depending upon the weather conditions.

Cleaning and Drainage System

A good water dispenser is the one that has a proper drainage system as it helps to keep the surrounding area of the dispenser dry and avoid any accident. Also regular cleaning is necessary to keep the water dispenser function smoothly. An easy to clean dispenser lets you to take good care of it.

Check on Noise

Usually most of the modern water dispensers operate silently, but there are various models that make a lot of noise. Therefore you must check the amount of noise the dispenser makes while buying as a noisy water dispenser is difficult to tolerate!


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