Published on 01/29/2018 7:17 am
Benefits of Filtered Water using Aqua Vita Water Filter System

Pure drinking water is an essential element for day to day living? Pure water is available in various forms packaged and bottled. Getting Pure and clear water by installing water filter system in your office gives you a better living condition. Water Filter Systems assists to promote healthy living and offerd many other benefits. Anti-toxin water, impurity-free water supply to your home or office eliminates the inconvenience of buying bottled water. Water Filter Systems if adopted by employers can give free access to the best mineral water in Nairobi. Check few advantages of adopting a Water Purifier.

Water Filter Nairobi

  1. Oxygenated Water –Oxygenated Water A body cell enhancer by nature and energy, if taken it improves the employee agility. The other health benefit  is it keeps  you free from cancer and imbibe good bacteria in the body and keep you free from viruses, spores, parasites, and chemicals.
  2. Soothing Coldwater – Aquavita Water filters come with water chilling system along with oxygen injection and is controlled to maintain acertain temperature. Aquavita dispenses the fresh and clean chill water right at your workplace in Nairobi.  This helps the working environment bottle free.
  3. Taste Enhancer – Not to say as you feel it as soon as you get a fresh drinking water Filter system installed at your office. You observe the ice quality, the café taste changes and the tea brewer is now become fast to deliver a tea.
  4. RO (Reverse Osmosis), Activated Oxygen injection, Auto sanitization of water and tank, Auto Monitoring are some of the great features to keep your office environment clean, professional and acceptable to anyone.  Microprocessor units help to cut the office utility or even bad expenses.

Water Filter Nairobi

Ultimately you would know what the cost would be! Bottle-less Aquavita Water filer and water cooling systems are available for a nominal monthly price as per your office need and depend on the nature of consumption. You can avail it at a monthly rental fee which is the easiest way to bring one office home or even buy it  which can be a little costly affair.


So why not bring a Water Filter in your office in Nairobi and make a safe office! Aqua Vita LLC is the perfect choice for a pure water solution in Nairobi. At Aqua Vita LLC we are aiming at providing fast, reliable and cost-effective rental water filter system to clients in Nairobi. Our  Aqua Vita water filter system is the most effective way to provide fresh, pure, oxygenated drinking water in home and workplace. Please text us for a free demo of Aqua Vita in your office.

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